Personalized buying experiences are forcing retailers to re-examine their business strategy. Thin margins and extreme competition are putting pressure on retailers of all types of goods, from appliances, electronics, apparel, home accessories, and more.





industry challenges

Whether big box, warehouse, or store front, the ability to deliver what, how, and when the consumer demands rests on an integrated transportation network.

As new retail models drive constant change, you need an experienced transportation partner to deliver continuous improvement, boost return on assets (ROA), and provide a value-added customer experience.

We design integrated transportation networks with built-in agility and flexibility. Our extensive fleet assets and partners keep pace with the demands of your dynamic and changing business. Adding visibility and control with our flexible transportation IT system assures perfect delivery every time. Cardinal’s service-oriented drivers and last-mile delivery services will ensure a fantastic customer experience.


Let us manage your retail transportation network


Dedicated Fleet Services

Whether you are expanding your retail presence, consolidating, or creating a mix of traditional, outlet, e-commerce fulfillment centers, and pop-up stores, our logistics experts will design an integrated transportation network that will flex and grow with your business.


  • Scalability, flexibility, and optimized routes to meet delivery needs of DCs, retail locations, and direct-to-consumer
  • Successful on-time delivery of crates, boxes, pallets, appliances, electronics, and bulky home furnishings
  • Specially trained drivers use the right equipment for the job reducing damage claims
  • Operating and cycle time efficiencies with cross docking, shuttle services, pooled line hauls to remote stores, and yard management solutions
Last Mile and Home Delivery Services

We have a track record of excellence of serving some of the most well-known brands with our last mile and home delivery services. Customers trust us to deliver their products on time and with unparalleled customer service.


  • Delivery teams are 100% Cardinal employees vs. contract carriers
  • Teams are trained in soft skills, product handling, installation, and assembly, ensuring superior brand protection throughout the entire process
  • Purpose-built last mile technology includes real-time visibility, item level scanning, e-POD, exceptions management, and post-delivery consumer feedback
  • Customized services for threshold delivery, room-of-choice, and high-touch white glove customer experiences
  • Assembly, installation, and reverse logistics services
  • Extensive consumer feedback loops and performance monitoring
Transportation Management

When demand fluctuates, Cardinal’s extensive fleet and network of certified carriers ensure your inventory arrives in time for your big sale or customer event.


  • Cost-effective flex capacity to manage holiday and seasonal surges
  • Minimize out-of-stock situations and missed sales by pre-positioning inventory in high-volume locations
Warehouse and Distribution

Consumer expectations for customization are rising, and rapid delivery is now table stakes. Our best-in-class warehousing, fulfillment, and distribution services are custom designed to ease the impact of these challenges on your transportation network. Our intense focus on continuous improvement helps smooth the peaks and valleys of retail’s traditional volume surges and changes in your business model.


  • Flexible labor solutions
  • Import deconsolidation and consolidation
  • Trans-loading
  • Flow-through distribution and DC bypass
  • Inbound vendor and supplier consolidation
  • Value-added services (kitting, sub-assembly, and custom packaging)
Customized Transportation IT

Run a tight retail operation with increased visibility and control. Our patented driver handheld technology and on-line portal show the precise location of your goods allowing each store to know exact delivery times and quantities.


  • Increase productivity and reduced labor costs for receiving and put-away crews
  • Immediate confirmation that the right items are loaded and arrive at the right location
  • Improve inventory management with real-time and accurate item counts


Improve Costs & Return on Assets (ROA)
  • Increase ROA with precise location and tracking of retail and transportation assets.
  • More cost-efficient movement of goods using our flexible IT platform.
  • Increase turns, improve margins, and ensure faster fulfillment.
Flexibility and Scalability
  • Efficient handling of large shipments to DCs and fulfillment centers as well as smaller more frequent shipments to retail stores and direct to customers.
  • Maximize sales and increase customer satisfaction by keeping stores and fulfillment centers stocked.
Visibility and Control
  • See where your shipment is at any time along the delivery route.
  • Receive proactive alerts if a delivery is running behind.
  • Optimize labor costs and productivity of receiving and put-away crews.
White Glove Delivery Service
  • Use service as a differentiator.
  • Home delivery teams are Cardinal’s service-oriented employees.
  • Specialized service training for excellent representation of your brand.
  • Skilled at delivery, assembly, and demonstration of furniture, appliances, electronics.
Continuous Improvement
  • Continual flow of ideas to improve efficiencies, profitability, and the customer experience.
  • Improvements to IT, operations, routes, and more as your business changes.
  • Ability to create value beyond your transportation network.
Reduced Risk, Liability, and Claims
  • Protect easily damaged items with effective product handling.
  • Immediately identify shortages and damage with real-time load / unload scanning.
  • Reduce claims with image and signature capture as proof of perfect delivery.


Dedicated to Customer Service

Create an efficient and stable transportation network while mitigating risk.

The Transformation of the Retail Industry

Strengthen retailer return on assets (ROA) through new transportation models.

Continuous Improvement

Does your continuous improvement process give you the insight you need to make better business decisions?