Recycling & Waste

Recycling companies face diverse challenges to meet behind-the-store needs of their customers while operating on thin margins. Tight recycling plant schedules and volatile commodity prices require constant monitoring and management.




industry challenges

The clutter that occurs at shipping and receiving docks can make it difficult or hazardous for plants, DCs, and retailers to operate. Efficient and timely movement and haul-away of cartons, crates, metal strapping, plastic and other recyclables requires its own supply chain.

A flexible and scalable transportation program is needed to move refuse and recyclables from customer sites to recycling centers. As your transportation partner, Cardinal brings the experience, technology, and service-oriented drivers to balance service, cost, and can flex to meet fluctuations in demand.

Let us manage your recycling transportation network


Dedicated Fleet Services

Our transportation experts help recycling transport companies streamline pick up and movement of recyclables and waste from retail and commercial collection points to recycling plants and centers.


  • Flexible network design ensures rapid route updates for new or high-volume retail locations
  • Timely and efficient removal to balance operating costs and customer commitments
  • Optimize efficiencies and costs by maximizing loads per route
  • Safe loading and unloading with forklifts and bale clamps by properly trained drivers


Transportation Management

Serving customers with their own seasonality and business changes makes planning and service delivery a challenge. Our extensive fleet and network of certified carriers will help manage fluctuation in capacity and loads. 

  • Seamlessly handle seasonal surges with optimal capacity management
  • Minimize capital and operating costs during peak seasons
  • Maximize profits by taking advantage of spikes in commodity prices
Customized Transportation IT

Our integrated transportation IT system provides stop-level visibility over the constant in- and out-flow of loads to help manage capacity, customer service, and thin margins.


  • Detailed route information and schedules for efficient operations planning
  • Real-time data of load volumes, precise location, and delivery times
  • KPIs to identify patterns in operations and opportunities for improvement


Expert Network Design
  • Customized integrated transportation solution with built-in flexibility.
  • Flex capacity to meet changing volumes and customer needs.
  • Continuous movement to streamline your dynamic transportation network.
Visibility and Control
  • Stop-level tracking to see where your load is at any time along the route.
  • Receive proactive alerts if a delivery is running behind.
  • Real-time performance data available for rapid decision making.
Flexibility and Scalability
  • Efficient handling of any size and frequency of load across your delivery network.
  • Matching the right equipment and driver skills for the job.
  • Ability to scale based on business changes and seasonal or demand fluctuations.
Continuous Improvement
  • Continual flow of ideas improves efficiency and profitability.
  • Identify improvements to IT, operations, routes, and more as business changes.
  • Improve efficiency and service by analyzing availability, seasonality, and patterns.


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Recycling & Waste