The growth of the metals industry is fueled by high demand from customers in the agriculture, aerospace, and automotive sectors. Automation is increasing production output and operating efficiencies of bars, rods, tubes, sheet, wire, and other fabricated metal products. Coordinated movement of raw materials into the manufacturing and fabrication processes determines profitability.



industry challenges

Transportation agility is needed to balance production, processing, and fabrication efficiencies and control in the era of fluctuating demand and increasing expectations for customized metal products that meet exact specifications.

Outsourcing transportation management helps to free up capital needed to continue R&D investment and the growth trajectory for the metals industry.

With more than 20 years of experience working with metals manufacturers and suppliers, we understand the complexities of your integrated supply chain. From specialized equipment and handling to technology to track and ensure materials and finished products arrive just in time, our logistics experts can manage your transportation and logistics needs. 


Let us manage your metals transportation network


Dedicated Fleet Services

We are expert at managing challenging delivery networks. From moving and tracking raw or finished product between multiple production or fabrication facilities, to delivering material to locations as diverse as manufacturing plants, downstream fabricators, and construction job sites, we keep your operation flowing.


  • Specially trained service-oriented drivers load and unload raw materials and finished metal products
  • Diverse fleet of day cabs for short routes or overnight team tractors for more distant customers
  • Flatbed and Conestoga or curtainside trailers and items like friction matting and specialized racking protect your product against damage
  • Customized network design maximizes loads and minimizes empty miles
Transportation Management

When demand fluctuates, our extensive fleet and network of certified carriers ensure raw and prepared materials arrive in time for your manufacturing and fabrication processes.


  • Minimize empty mile returns for shipments to distant customers
  • Logistics experts and partners manage surges and unexpected demand changes
  • Finished product arrives for distribution or delivery to customers as committed
    Customized Transportation IT

    Our integrated transportation IT system provides visibility and control over your end-to-end transportation network.


    • Precise location- and delivery-specific instructions to driver handhelds
    • Reduce capital costs from lost assets with item-level scanning and tracking
    • Middleware easily integrates with your systems for efficient inbound routes, just-in-time (JIT) raw materials, and finished product delivery
    • Real-time location and delivery estimates with proactive alerts for delays


    Network Design Expertise
    • Expert design maximizes loads and minimizes empty miles.
    • Lower cost per unit or ton with balanced inbound raw material, interplant, and customer shipments.
    Optimized Transportation Network
    • Manage costs and enhance customer satisfaction by analyzing purchase patterns for optimal routing.
    • Regulate production, reduce held inventory, and improve order-to-delivery cycle times.
    Specialized Equipment
    • Efficiently manage and transport difficult-to-handle metal products using diverse fleet assets.
    • Day cabs for short routes or overnight team tractors for distant customers.
    • Reduce claims by properly securing product on with our flat beds, Conestoga or side curtain trailers, friction matting, and specialized racking.
    Product Handling and Safety
    • Specially trained drivers manage difficult-to-handle raw materials and finished metal products.
    • Serve the data needs of internal and external stakeholders with driver handheld product scanning.
    Cost and Capital Efficiencies
    • Use your working capital to grow your business, not your private fleet.
    • Manage operating cost and driver productivity with visibility and to the stop level.
    • Maximize ROA by tracking expensive reusable racking and managing storage assets.
    Continuous Improvement
    • Continual flow of ideas to improve efficiencies, profitability, and the customer experience.
    • Identify improvements to IT, operations, routes as your business changes.
    • Balance tradeoffs between manufacturing efficiency, cost management, and service delivery.
    • Ability to create value beyond your transportation network.


    Flexible and Easy-to-Integrate Cardinal Technology

    Create an efficient and stable transportation network while mitigating risk.

    Improving Manufacturing-to-Customer Distribution

    Strengthen retailer return on assets (ROA) through new transportation models.

    How Growth can Increase Transportation Risk

    Learn how the growing economy can increase risk and liability.