Efficient logistics and processes that reduce overall costs are top priorities for manufacturers. Product innovations are constant, and when wholesale and retail demand grows, companies need to have the right product, at the right time, at the right price. 




industry challenges

With technology innovations, tight manufacturing timelines, and demand for customization on the rise, the need for effective and rapid delivery of raw materials and finished goods grows. Coupled with increased regulations, the growing driver shortage, and general costs to maintain a fleet, manufacturers are turning to third-party logistics providers for help.

Cardinal helps manufacturers with complex and time-sensitive transportation of raw materials to ensure timely and effective deliveries while lowering overall costs.

Let us manage your manufacturing  transportation network


Dedicated Fleet Services

Our transportation and logistics experts will build agility into your integrated transportation network, simplifying operations and matching our people and specialized equipment to your dynamic manufacturing business needs.


  • Service-oriented drivers skilled at handling difficult-to-transport raw materials and finished goods
  •  Innovative continuous movement routing to meet tight production timelines
  • Attention to detail and service to serve upstream and downstream customers
  • Reduce costs with cross docking, shuttle services, pooled line hauls, and yard management solutions


Transportation Management

Serving customers with their own seasonality and business changes makes planning and service delivery a challenge. Our extensive fleet and network of certified carriers will help manage fluctuation in capacity and loads.  ensure raw materials arrive when needed and finished goods reach market on time.


  • Seamlessly handle seasonal surges with optimal capacity management
  • Minimize capital and operating costs during peak seasons
  • Use your capital to grow your business, not your fleet
  • Maximize profits by taking advantage of spikes in commodity prices
Warehouse and Distribution

Access to raw materials and movement of finished goods must be timed perfectly to meet production deadlines and demand. Our best-in-class warehousing, fulfillment, and distribution services are precisely designed to smooth workflow and increase visibility and control across your manufacturing-to-market supply chain.


  • Manufacturing support services
  • Flexible labor solutions
  • Flow-through distribution and DC bypass
  • Inbound vendor and supplier consolidation
  • Value-added services (kitting, sub-assembly, and custom packaging)
Customized Transportation IT

Our transportation IT platform provides the real-time visibility you need to control the inflows and outputs of your manufacturing business. Details by location pushed to the driver handheld to ensure proper handling and delivery.


  • Real-time data of shipment volumes, precise location, and delivery times
  • Reduce claims with image and signature capture as proof of perfect delivery
  • KPIs to identify patterns in operations and opportunities for improvement


Cross Docks and Specialized Equipment
  • Proper handling of difficult-to-manage raw materials and oversized and specially shaped finished goods.
  • The exact mix of products is delivered at specific end points using cross docking of inbound loads from multiple suppliers.
Expert Network Design
  • Optimize inbound shipments and outbound service across the supply chain.
  • Remove driver pools, handoff routes, co-mingled loads, and backhaul matching.
  • Customized integrated transportation solution with built-in flexibility. Flex capacity to meet changing volumes and customer needs.
  • Continuous movement to streamline your dynamic transportation network.
  • Supporting JIT or traditional manufacturing schedules
Visibility and Control
  • Stop-level tracking to see where your load is at any time along the route.
  • Receive proactive alerts if a delivery is running behind.
  • Real-time performance data available for rapid decision making.
Continuous Improvement
  • Continual flow of ideas improves efficiency and profitability.
  • Identify improvements to IT, operations, routes, and more as business changes.
  • Improve efficiency and service by analyzing availability, seasonality, and patterns.
Cost and Capital Efficiencies
  • Use your working capital to grow your business, not your private fleet.
  • Visibility and control of stop-level operating costs
  • Maximize ROA by tracking expensive assets, goods, and reusable packaging.
Reduced Risk, Liability, and Claims
  • Immediately identify shortages and damaged parts and components with real-time scanning at loading, cross docks, and delivery.
  • Reduce claims with image and signature capture as validation of perfect delivery.
  • Reduce business risk and liability of handing volatile products like batteries or fluids using our Hazmat-certified drivers.


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Create an efficient and stable transportation network while mitigating risk.

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