The healthcare industry is undergoing a massive and accelerated supply chain transformation. Careful handling of temperature-sensitive medication, urgent-care supplies, and proper movement of expensive and bulky medical machinery cause complexity for the industry. Attention to managing slim margins amid escalating need can determine the viability of an entire healthcare system.




industry challenges

With strict regulations, stringent requirements for shipping and storing of life-essential products coupled with an increased need for efficiency, life science and healthcare providers need customized transportation solutions to meet increasing demand.

From pharmaceutical manufacturers to large healthcare systems and everything in between, Cardinal will customize your transportation network to ensure chain-of-custody controls to meet the sensitive and critical nature of your business.

Let us manage your healthcare transportation network


Dedicated Fleet Services

Our proven processes and industry expertise ensure the safe and efficient movement of pharmaceuticals, supplies, devices, and equipment. We will get your healthcare shipment delivered where it is needed safely and on time.


  • Drivers are specially trained in the handling of difficult-to-handle and sensitive medical shipments
  • Strict adherence to current rules and regulations at local, state, and federal levels
  • Diverse fleet assets with environmental controls and specialized racking and fasteners ensure proper and safe transport
  • Customized network design maximizes loads and minimizes empty miles to manage cost
Last Mile and Home Delivery

We provide customized white glove last mile solutions to meet the unique needs of each of our customers.


  • Commercial and residential delivery of medical supplies and equipment
  • Purpose-built last mile technology includes real-time visibility, item-level scanning, e-POD, exceptions management, and post-delivery feedback loops
  • Customized services including delivery, assembly/installation, and high-touch white glove customer experiences
Transportation Management

When demand fluctuates, our extensive fleet and network of certified carriers ensure healthcare equipment and supplies arrive in time and precisely where they are needed.


  • Minimize empty mile returns for shipments to distant delivery points to reduce cost
  • Logistics experts and partners manage surges and unexpected demand changes
Warehouse and Distribution

Managing supply and capacity for high-demand medical-grade hard, liquid, and soft goods for large healthcare systems and wholesalers adds complexity to already-constrained resources. Our integrated and customizable warehouse, fulfillment, and distribution services will provide the stability and agility needed to adapt to your dynamic healthcare environment.


  • Manufacturing support services
  • Flexible labor solutions
  • Import deconsolidation and consolidation
  • Flow-through distribution and DC bypass
  • Inbound vendor and supplier consolidation
  • Value-added services (kitting, sub-assembly, and custom packaging)
Customized Transportation IT

Our integrated transportation IT system provides critical visibility and control throughout each step in the medical supply chain to ensure safe handling and delivery of your healthcare products.


  • Real-time stop-by-stop tracking of medical shipments
  • Monitoring, tracking, and documentation of environmental conditions during transport
  • Precise delivery instructions pushed to driver handheld devices
  • Flexible transportation IT platform provides end-to-end visibility and control
  • Precise location and delivery estimates with proactive alerts for delays


Safety is a Priority
  • Real-time tracking and monitoring of environmental- and time-sensitive deliveries.
  • Specialized driver training ensures safe and proper handling of healthcare supplies and equipment.
  • Advance planning to identify and mitigate safety risk – to people, the environment, and to your brand.
Medical Supply Chain
  • Expert design maximizes loads and minimizes empty miles.
  • Careful routing schemes to avoid cross-contamination of equipment.
  • Precise real-time location and condition of shipment.
  • Signature and image capture for proof of delivery.
Compliance and Standards
  • Our industry experts stay up to date on local, state, federal, and public health rules and regulations.
  • Real-time location and environmental condition tracking and monitoring of shipments.
  • Historical reports serve as documentation of regulatory and standards compliance.
Continuous Improvement
  • Continual flow of ideas to improve efficiencies, safety, and profitability.
  • Identify improvements to IT, operations, routes as your business changes.
  • Ability to create value beyond your transportation network.


Cardinal Technology

Create an efficient and stable transportation network while mitigating risk.

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