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Grocery and Restaurants

Businesses across the food services industry are innovating around new food products, menu items, and delivery models. Online and in-app purchases, pick-up and home delivery services, and smaller-format and omni-store concepts are being used to cater to on-the-go customers seeking new food experiences.  



Food & Beverage

industry challenges

The rapid pace of food services industry innovations challenge the end-to-end supply chain to move raw, finished, and packaged food and beverage stock across the food ecosystem more quickly. Balancing speed with efficiency and cost of labor requires experience and flexibility. Proper food handling amidst heavy regulations is paramount.

Innovation and change to the food services business model is happening at record pace and adds layers of complexity to the integrated transportation network. Partnering with an experienced and reliable transportation partner will cover all the bases.

Our transportation services include specialty equipment and handling services, technology to monitor the condition of sensitive food items, and flex capacity to handle surges in large and small shipments to streamline your complex food supply chain.


Let us manage your food & beverage transportation network


Dedicated Fleet Services

We understand the complexities and the challenges you face and match our specialty equipment and our people to your product and customer needs.


  • Custom-designed network optimizes routes and maximizes fleet utilization
  • Specially trained drivers meet precise food handling and regulatory requirements
  • Successful on-time delivery of your delicate, perishable, and high-demand food and beverage items
  • Handle a mix of frozen, cooled, and room-temperature products on a single trailer
Last Mile and Home Delivery

We provide customized last mile solutions to meet the unique needs of our clients:


  • Delivery from store or DC to consumer
  • Purpose-built last mile technology includes real-time visibility, item-level scanning, e-POD, exceptions management, and post-delivery feedback
Transportation Management

Cardinal’s team of logistics experts and partners take the worry out of managing surges and unexpected demand changes.


  • Extensive fleet and network of certified carriers ensure raw, dry, and liquid ingredients arrive in time for food production processing
  • Flex capacity to ensure fresh, processed, and prepared food items arrive at the destination in time
Warehouse and Distribution

Careful management of the supply chain is needed when handling food and beverage items. We collaborate with you to custom design a warehouse and distribution plan that leverages leading-edge technology so you can monitor, track, and manage the condition, location, and transport of your inventory.

Customized Transportation IT

Get visibility and control over your food delivery network with our integrated transportation IT system.


  • Perfect delivery assured with location- and delivery-specific instructions on our driver handheld
  • Real-time location and delivery estimates on our online IT portal
  • Alerts to proactively notify you and your customer of status and delays
  • Improve asset management and operating costs by tracking reusable assets
  • Easy-to-integrate middleware for end-to-end supply chain visibility and control


Product Handling and Safety
  • Specially trained drivers manage delicate foods, comply with sanitation requirements, and cold-chain tracking.
  • Serve the unique data needs of processing plants, DC docks, retail, and restaurant locations.
  • Proper tracking and documentation to comply with regulatory requirements.
Specialized Equipment
  • Efficiently handle an array of food products using specialized vans, trailers, and reefers.
  • Reduce empty miles with mixed shipments on a single trailer.
  • Service-oriented drivers trained on proper food handling and equipment.
Precise Deliveries
  • Personalized service for each delivery with instructions pushed to driver handhelds.
  • Distinguish service levels and special handling by location type.
  • Enhance driver productivity with information at their fingertips.
Cost and Capital Efficiencies
  • Use your working capital to grow your business, not your private fleet.
  • Minimize operating costs with insights into stop-level delivery efficiencies and driver performance.
  • Maximize ROA by tracking reusable totes, packaging, and managing storage assets.


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