Drivers are the backbone of America’s economy
September 20, 2019

Truck drivers are the backbone of America and keep our economy running. They are invaluable assets and their job goes far beyond driving trucks. While we sincerely appreciate our drivers all year long, National Truck Driver Appreciation Week allows us to reflect on the men and women who keep Cardinal moving.

Cardinal drivers are chosen with purpose. They demonstrate an intense focus on quality and delivering excellent service to customers every day.



Any business that relies on trucks to transport their products knows the quality of its drivers has a major impact on the company’s success. Without motivated and committed drivers, customer service, safety, and transportation costs all suffer, harming the company’s reputation and profitability. The demand for good drivers continues to exceed supply, and retaining good drivers is becoming more challenging.

Learn Cardinal’s process to find, hire, train, develop, and retain more than 4,000 drivers across the country.

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