Distributors face unique challenges as upstream and downstream customers have different needs, and seasonal surges and demand fluctuations make running a profitable business a challenge. The sheer volume of SKUs, suppliers, and transactions creates complexity and requires agility in a very dynamic end-to-end value chain.




industry challenges

As the industry continues to consolidate through incremental and strategic M&As, the choice of your transportation partner increases in importance. Experience with integrating various sizes and complexities of transportation networks could be the difference in a smooth transition or a complete halt to operations.

Our transportation experts have helped hundreds of companies streamline their distribution operation and navigate through business change. Thoughtful and creative network design fortifies your network to manage thin margins and deliver on customer commitments.

Let us manage your distribution  transportation network


Dedicated Fleet Services

Our experienced design and logistics experts and service-oriented drivers can streamline and manage your complex integrated transportation network.


  • Optimize inbound shipments with outbound service across your supply chain
  • Maximize efficiencies and meet customer expectations during expansions, consolidations, and business changes
  • Attention to detail and service to serve upstream and downstream customers
  • Reduce costs with cross docking, shuttle services, pooled line hauls, and yard management solutions
Transportation Management

Serving customers in multiple industries can result in constantly juggling of resources and shipping and receiving flow. Our extensive fleet and network of certified carriers will smooth out the waves to ensure your shipments arrive on time.


  • Seamless management of seasonal surges
  • Minimize capital and operating costs during peak seasons
Warehouse and Distribution

Business changes can wreak havoc on your transportation network. Our collaborative approach and extensive warehouse and distribution assets and technology tools ensure the flexibility you need to focus on an acquisition, consolidation, or serving new customers with specific needs and requirements.

Cardinal provides dedicated facility-based distribution services engineered and custom designed to help you adapt to rapid changes with:


  • Integrated distribution center (DC) operations
  • Flexible labor solutions
  • Import deconsolidation and consolidation
  • Flow-through distribution and DC bypass
  • Trans-loading
  • Inbound vendor and supplier consolidation
  • Value-added services (kitting, sub-assembly, and custom packaging)
Customized Transportation IT

Our integrated transportation IT system helps balance thin margins while maintaining a constant in- and out-flow of shipments. Stop-level visibility gives you better data and control over your business or merging transportation networks.


  • Precise location as goods move between plant, DC, fulfillment centers, and retail
  • Detailed route information for exact delivery times and quantities
  • Special stop- and SKU-level handling instructions on driver handhelds
  • Real-time inventory control with scanning at pick-up, delivery, and returns by location
  • Proof of condition upon delivery with image and signature capture


Expert Network Design
  • Customized integrated transportation solution for YOUR end-to-end distribution business.
  • Agile design approach to retain efficiencies and meet customer expectations during times of transition.
  • Continuous movement to streamline your complex transportation network.
Visibility and Control
  • SKU-level tracking to see where your shipment is at any time along the delivery route.
  • Receive proactive alerts if a delivery is running behind.
  • Ensure a flawless customer experience.
Precise Deliveries
  • SKU-level handling for each delivery with instructions pushed to driver handhelds.
  • Distinguish service levels and special handling by location type.
  • Enhance driver productivity and reduce cost with information at their fingertips.
Flexibility and Scalability
  • Efficient handling of any size and frequency of shipment across your delivery network.
  • Ability to scale based on business changes or seasonal or demand fluctuations.
Continuous Improvement
  • Continual flow of ideas improves efficiency, profitability, and customer experience.
  • Identify improvements to IT, operations, routes, and more as your business changes.
  • Improve efficiency and service by analyzing availability, seasonality, and order patterns.
  • Ability to create value beyond your transportation network.
Reduced Risk, Liability, and Claims
  • Protect easily damaged items with effective materials management.
  • Identify shortages and damaged goods with real-time scanning at loading and delivery.
  • Reduce claims with image and signature capture as validation of perfect delivery.


Flawless Execution

Cardinal leverages the right people, processes, and technologies to minimize disruption and meet your service needs day one.

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