Consumer Goods

Large consumer products, appliances, and electronics have found a new way into the consumer home. Products can be customized online from the firmness of a mattress, to face plates on a refrigerator, to the resolution and ports on a flat screen TV. Delivery can be scheduled with a white-glove installation experience and haul-away services ordered with the click of a mouse with satisfaction guarantees.




Consumer Goods 

industry challenges

Supply chain agility and flawless execution are needed for this consumer-driven value-added experience. Our expertise and award-winning transportation solutions can help balance cost and service in your complex transportation network.

We help consumer goods customers build agility into their business with a customized integrated transportation network. Extensive fleet assets and partners, service-oriented employees, drivers and delivery personnel, a flexible transportation IT platform, and last mile delivery services will ensure a fantastic customer experience.


Let us manage your consumer goods transportation network


Dedicated Fleet Services

Our experienced design and logistics experts and service-oriented drivers can streamline and manage your complex integrated transportation network.


  • Optimize inbound shipments with outbound service across your supply chain
  • Leverage remote driver pools, handoff routes, co-mingled loads, backhaul matching, and continuous movement
  • Maximize efficiencies during expansions and consolidations and changes of retail mix.
  • Reduce costs with cross docking, shuttle services, pooled line hauls, and yard management solutions
  • Move inventory closer to points of sale to capture incremental sales opportunities
Last Mile and Home Delivery

For more than 20 years, Cardinal has provided last mile and home delivery services of oversized and fragile products. We have a reputation of delivering impeccable customer service.


  • Delivery teams are 100% Cardinal employees
  • Teams are trained in the hard and soft skills that reflect your brand
  • Item-level scanning confirms on-time and perfect delivery
  • Customized services for threshold delivery, room-of-choice, and high-touch white glove customer experiences
Transportation Management

When demand fluctuates, our extensive fleet and network of certified carriers ensure your shipment arrives on time.


  • Manage holiday and seasonal surges seamlessly
  • Minimize capital and operating costs during peak season
  • Strategically position inventory to avoid out-of-stock situations and missed sales
Warehouse and Distribution

As e-commerce continues to grow and new self-serve options emerge, finely tuned warehousing, distribution, and fulfillment options are required. You can rely on our warehousing and distribution assets and flexible transportation technology to serve your needs.

Customized Transportation IT

Our integrated transportation IT system provides the visibility and control needed to run a fast-paced transportation operation.


  • Precise location as goods move between plant, DC, retail, or to a customer’s home
  • Detailed route information for exact delivery times and quantities
  • Special stop- and SKU-level instructions on driver handhelds for installation or assembly.
  • Real-time inventory control with scanning at pick-up, delivery, and returns by location 
  • Proof of condition upon delivery with image and signature capture


Visibility and Control
  • See where your shipment is at any time along the delivery route.
  • Receive proactive alerts if a delivery is running behind.
  • Optimize labor costs and productivity of receiving and put-away crews.
  • Ensure a flawless customer experience.
White Glove Delivery Service
  • Use service as a differentiator.
  • Home delivery teams are Cardinal’s service-oriented employees.
  • Specialized training to represent your brand.
  • Skilled at delivery of furniture, appliances, electronics, and more.
  • Teams will deliver, assemble, remove packaging, and demonstrate use.
Flexibility and Scalability
  • Efficient handling of any size and frequency of shipment across your delivery network.
  • Maximize sales and increase customer satisfaction with proper inventory at each location.
Continuous Improvement
  • Continual flow of ideas improves efficiency, profitability, and customer experience.
  • Identify improvements to IT, operations, routes, and more as your business changes.
  • Improve efficiency and service by analyzing availability, seasonality, and order patterns.
  • Ability to create value beyond your transportation network.
Precise Deliveries
  • Personalized service for each delivery with instructions pushed to driver handhelds.
  • Distinguish service levels and special handling by location type.
  • Enhance driver productivity and reduce cost with information at their fingertips.
Reduced Risk, Liability, and Claims
  • Protect easily damaged items with effective materials management.
  • Identify shortages and damaged goods with real-time scanning at loading and delivery.
  • Reduce claims with image and signature capture as validation of perfect delivery.


The Transformation of the Retail Industry

Strengthen retailer return on assets (ROA) through new transportation models.

Customer Service

Customer service can be the difference between a good and a great partner. 

Consumer Goods