Building and Construction

The building and construction industries are experiencing significant growth increasing volatility and operating challenges. Manufacturers must ensure raw materials are in place to keep up with demand and coordinate efficient and timely movement of finished goods to job sites, retailer locations, and direct to consumers. For builders, site and worker safety, the continued shortage of experienced labor, productivity concerns, and rising cost of materials are obstacles to profitability and increase business risk.




Building & Construction 

industry challenges

Good planning, coordination, and precise delivery timing are essential across the integrated transportation network. The ability to handle oversized, specialty, and fragile goods, from wood trim to windows to lumber, requires a wide variety of material shipping and product-handling skills and technology solutions. Mistimed or damaged building supplies hurt productivity and raise costs foreveryone across the transportation management supply chain.

Cardinal’s expertise in designing and operating complex transportation networks, real-time tracking, and special delivery creates real value throughout the industry supply chain. From manufacturing plant docks to retailer locations to job sites to customers’ homes, Cardinal has you covered.

Let us manage your building & construction transportation network


Dedicated Fleet Services

Whether you have a single plant serving a local area or multiple plants moving goods nationally, Cardinal has the expertise and track record to meet your needs.


  • Best-in-class service-oriented drivers ensure materials are delivered on time
  • Specialized training for bulky and fragile materials
  • A team committed to perfect delivery
  • Optimized routes, maximized fleet utilization, and continuous movement to streamline your network
Last Mile and Home Delivery

We have provided last mile and home delivery services for over 20 years to the largest building and construction supply companies in the US.

The biggest manufacturers and retailer brands of cabinets, doors, and windows trust Cardinal to deliver their products on time, with item-level scanning for proof of perfect delivery, and with excellent customer service.

Transportation Management

We take the worry out of managing surges and unexpected demand changes for the building and construction industry.

Our extensive fleet and network of certified carriers ensure raw materials arrive in time for your pre-manufacturing process, finished goods from windows, doors, beams, and fasteners arrive at jobsites, and pallets and crates of wholesale product arrive at retail on time.

Customized Transportation IT

Timing is everything to make sure materials and supplies are delivered where and when expected so your building projects stay on time.


  • Integrated transportation IT systems track goods in real time with easily accessible data
  • Detailed delivery information by customer and shipment on driver handheld devices
  • Delivery validation using image and signature capture minimizes claims
  • Real-time updates maximize efficiency, productivity, and customer satisfaction
  • Cardinal’s middleware easily integrates with your business systems
  • Enhanced business control and shorter invoice-to-payment cycle


Specialized Equipment
  • Flatbeds with Moffet lifts to meet a variety of jobsite needs.
  • Side-loading curtain trailers for oversized goods.
  • Reduced damage and claims by using the right equipment for the job.
Driver Expertise
  • Service-oriented drivers are expert at moving oversized or fragile goods.
  • Specialized training to minimize product damage.
  • Strong character and values make our people excellent brand ambassadors.
  • Experienced with unique requirements of job site deliveries.
Routing Innovations
  • Remote driver pools and mid-route equipment handoffs increase productivity and reduce costs.
  • Fewer overnight routes increase driver satisfaction and safety.
  • Continuous movement streamlines complex transportation networks.
Optimized Networks
  • Customized integrated transportation solution for YOUR business requirements.
  • Expertise to manage single plants with local deliveries to complex national networks serving thousands of retailers and job sites.
  • Customer-centric continuous improvement process.


Transportation Network Design & Consolidation

Learn how business growth could be eroding your transportation network efficiency.

Improving Manufacturing-to-Customer Distribution

Learn how we created a customized solution for this building manufacturer.

Building & Construction 


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