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Technology and automation are transforming the automotive and machinery manufacturing industries increasing production efficiencies and streamlining operating practices. The industry is becoming more agile to address customer demands and adapting to an increasingly dynamic marketplace.




industry challenges

The complexity of the industry creates challenges for the end-to-end supply chain. Requirements range from just-in-time (JIT) delivery of raw materials to finished goods with tight delivery windows. Large and difficult-to-transport machinery as well as efficient parts distribution and deliveries to dealerships, repair shops, and retailers often require overnight routes to remote locations, unattended deliveries, tracking of reusable totes, and more.

Delivery precision and supply chain efficiency are critical to managing thin margins facing the automotive and large machinery manufacturing industries. We will streamline your transportation network to ensure you meet commitments with tight delivery windows with the exact goods places a premium on visibility and control.


Let us manage your automotive transportation network


Dedicated Fleet Services

Whether you have a single plant serving a local area or multiple plants moving goods nationally, we have the expertise and track record to meet your needs.


  • Perfect delivery with a customized transportation network designed by our logistics experts
  • Innovative continuous movement routing to optimize fleet utilization and driver productivity
  • Best-in-class service-oriented drivers to ensure proper handling of automotive products, heavy, cumbersome, and difficult-to-move machinery
Transportation Management

When demand fluctuates, Cardinal’s extensive fleet and network of certified carriers take the worry out of managing surges and unexpected changes.

Our team ensures raw materials arrive in time for your manufacturing process and that finished automotive and machine parts arrive at retail, auto shops, and dealerships on time.

Warehouse and Distribution

Efficiency and profitability require seamless movement of raw materials and finished goods. But timing is everything, and sometimes the best plans have unexpected situations arise. Whether you need long-term supplemental storage or a secure holding facility to manage materials, machinery, or inventory, you can rely on our warehousing and distribution assets and transportation technology to serve your needs.

Customized Transportation IT

Our integrated transportation IT system takes the guesswork out of raw materials, finished goods, and machinery deliveries.


  • Real-time location and delivery estimates with alerts to proactively notify you and your customer of delays
  • Drivers scan products at pickup and delivery to immediately confirm that the right items are delivered in the right sequence to the right place
  • Minimize claims with acceptance validation and verification of condition captured upon delivery

Our middleware integrates with your order management system, plant production planning systems, and Cardinal’s routing software to ensure efficient inbound routes for just-in-time (JIT) manufacturing.


Cross Docks and Specialized Equipment
  • Proper handling of oversized and specially shaped machinery, automotive components, and sub-assemblies.
  • The exact mix of products is delivered at specific end points using cross docking of inbound loads from multiple suppliers.
Right on Time
  • Attention to detail by service-oriented and specially trained Cardinal drivers.
  • Flawless service for unattended machinery and component deliveries to plant docks and dealerships after hours.
Precise Deliveries
  • Personalized service, special handing, and individual instructions for deliveries to plants, DC docks, dealerships, and retail.
  • Enhanced driver productivity with information at their fingertips.
KPI Tracking
  • Customized KPI tracking to drive your automotive and machinery business.
  • Custom reports with real-time insights and historical views into transportation efficiency and performance.
Cost and Capital Efficiencies
  • Use your working capital to grow your business, not your private fleet.
  • Visibility and control of operating costs with stop-level transportation and delivery data.
  • Maximize ROA by tracking expensive assets, goods, and reusable packaging.
Reduced Risk, Liability, and Claims
  • Protect easily damaged components and machinery with effective materials management.
  • Immediately identify shortages and damaged parts and components with real-time scanning at loading, cross docks, and delivery.
  • Reduce claims with image and signature capture as validation of perfect delivery.
  • Reduce business risk and liability of handing volatile products like batteries or fluids using our Hazmat-certified drivers.


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