Agriculture, Farm & Dairy

The agriculture industry faces unique challenges and an already-complex food supply chain. Growers must balance production. Processors must comply with stringent food handling and security measures and regulations. Shippers must navigate difficult farm and rural operating environments and conditions. Everyone must work together to get food products to market faster.




Customizable Solutions

to address industry challenges

Fluctuating demand and seasonality, real-time shipment monitoring and locating to validate the safety and condition of perishables, and tracking and documentation for regulatory compliance all stress the agribusiness ecosystem, the integrated supply chain, and cost of delivery in a margin-constrained industry.

Cardinal can manage your end-to-end agriculture transportation network so you can focus on increasing yield per acre, reducing your carbon footprint, and growing your business. We provide superior product handling – from field, to farm, to retail – and protect the integrity of your product at every step of the delivery.

Let us manage your agriculture transportation network


Dedicated Fleet Services

We understand the special equipment needs and handling requirements of difficult rural and farm environments. With our extensive fleet and experienced drivers, Cardinal is equipped to handle any agriculture transportation network:


  • Specialty equipment to transport a range of commodities from volatile chemical fertilizers and bulk liquids in tankers to fragile eggs in reefers
  • Service-oriented drivers are trained to operate equipment and handle specialized bulk feed deliveries
  • Proven and stringent processes ensure sanitation requirements are met
  • Custom designed and optimized routes get your product to market faster
  • Efficient capacity utilization lowers operating costs
  • Regulatory compliance, management of hours of service (HOS), and electronic logs monitoring
Transportation Management

When demand fluctuates, Cardinal’s extensive fleet and network of certified carriers ensure your produce, milk, eggs, and feed get where it needs to be just in time. No shipment is too large, too small, or too complicated for your Cardinal team of logistics experts and partners.

Transportation Technology

Food safety and security is critical for the agriculture industry. Cardinal’s customizable transportation IT system and online portal provide real-time visibility of vehicle location and condition of the shipment throughout the food supply chain.


  • Specific delivery requirements by farm pushed to driver handheld units
  • Scan and capture delivery details including location, time, signature, and images of the shipment upon arrival
  • Easy-to-integrate middleware provides real-time information for regulatory compliance, business control, and shorter invoice-to-payment cycle





Specialized Equipment
  • From tankers, to reefers, hopper and refrigerated trailers, or custom-designed equipment, Cardinal has you covered.
Driver Expertise
  • Service-oriented drivers understand the demands of farm delivery and pick up.
  • Specialized training on sanitary food and feed requirements.
  • Skilled at moving goods from farms to production facilities or from mills to farms and retailers.
Food Chain Visibility
  • Well versed and up to date on food chain security issues.
  • Our transportation IT platform monitors, tracks food or feed including cold chain compliance.
  • Validation and documentation on shipment condition throughout the delivery process.
Specialized Product Handling
  • Experience handling bulk or palletized feed, milk or eggs from farm to processor, or ready-to-serve foods from producer to retailer.
Asset Reliability
  • Fleet equipment used to service the agriculture, farm, and feed industry meets extreme demands, minimizing unexpected breakdowns and fleet downtime.
Regulatory Risk
  • Intimate knowledge of Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and food security regulations.
  • Reduce risk of non-compliance and liability and ensure the safety and satisfaction of your customers.


Animal Feed Distribution

Create an efficient and stable transportation network while mitigating risk.

Cardinal solves complex mill-to-farm and retailer challenges

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Agriculture, Farm & Dairy