4 questions to ask a transportation management company
January 30, 2020

Trucking is about people.

Behind every dollar, every stat, and every decision is a person. We learned a long time ago that trucks and trailers are just one part of the equation, and if you really want to create value, that starts with building a relationship with your most valuable assets…people.

Throughout our decades in the business, we’ve found that there are four unique qualities that a dedicated fleet management company should have in order to bring value and lasting change to your business.


A company’s culture mirrors their attitude toward their employees and customers. Employees are motivated to deliver service and value based on what’s expected at all levels of the organization. Here is how Cardinal’s company culture inspires our people to take ownership of delivering great service and approach our customers’ businesses as if they are our own.


Many dedicated fleet management companies take a cookie-cutter approach to pricing their services. There’s a price sheet and little customization and minimal ability to reduce your overall costs, improve productivity, or help gain efficiencies. At Cardinal, we see pricing differently. Check out how our unique approach adds value for our customers.

Flawless Implementation

Implementing a good transportation management strategy requires a multi-faceted approach that includes specific expertise, processes, and technologies. Without it, companies will find themselves chasing problems rather than growing the business. Opportunity costs and inefficiencies impact revenue and customer service. Watch how Cardinal meticulously plans, manages, and implements transportation solutions to mitigate business and service disruptions.


Continuous Improvement

Some dedicated fleet management companies use efficiency programs to improve their own operation and profitability. What they miss is the opportunity to refine and continually enhance yours. Cardinal’s customer-focused continuous improvement process is all about you and adding value to your bottom line.  Learn how Cardinal’s continuous improvement process helped one of our customers save $284,000 per year.


If you would like for Cardinal to develop a customized end-to-end transportation management program for your business, give us a call at 704-789-2071. Our transportation experts will be more than happy to help.



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