3 myths of private fleet outsourcing
February 1, 2019

Getting your products to customers has never been more challenging. The driver shortage continues to escalate, regulations hinder productivity, and the investment required to keep your fleet maintained and up to date is daunting.

Some companies believe operating a private fleet gives them more control over their business and operating costs and a better customer experience. Other companies have found outsourcing to a dedicated fleet partner frees up precious capital and allows management to focus on building the core business rather than moving products and managing transportation complexities.

With a carefully selected dedicated fleet partner, your concerns can be alleviated and these common myths dispelled:


Outsourcing my private fleet means loyal drivers will lose their jobs

Institutional knowledge of your customers and routes is invaluable. A good dedicated fleet partner will work closely with you to transition qualified drivers to their payroll benefitting all parties and providing continuity for your customers.



A third party won’t give my customers the high-quality service they deserve.

Your chosen dedicated fleet carrier should view your customers as their customers and invest in service-oriented people and processes to ensure a positive experience with your brand with each customer interaction.



It is less expensive to run my own fleet than to outsource.

Managing the day-to-day operations of a private fleet has direct and hidden costs that impact your profitability, raise risk and liability, and expose your brand. Your dedicated fleet provider can provide scalability and experience to improve costs and efficiencies, leverage a continuous improvement process to meet your company’s changing needs and goals, and they should protect your brand as if it is their own.

An outsourced dedicated fleet program delivers the benefits of a private fleet but without the daily challenges of managing one. Your dedicated fleet partner recruits, trains, and manages drivers, guarantees capacity to meet fluctuating demand, leverages technology to provide full visibility across your transportation network, and shares in the risk and liability of the fleet so you can focus on growing your core business.

Are misconceptions of outsourcing your private fleet holding you back from even considering it as a viable business strategy? Let’s debunk those transportation myths.


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