Dedicated Contract Carriage

Trust Cardinal to be your in-house, professional fleet management expert.

Do rising insurance, benefits and maintenance costs make you hesitant to invest limited capital in fleet operations? Do you worry about how CSA and HOS regulations will impact your operations? Does your fleet operate at peak productivity, using the latest technology?

Our solutions are custom-designed to meet your most complex transportation challenges while providing the benefits of a private fleet including dedicated drivers and capacity.

The Cardinal Competitive Edge

Dedicated Contract Carriage is Cardinal’s hallmark service. Our senior executives have built successful dedicated business units at some of the larger companies in our industry. Our operations managers have extensive experience implementing and operating a variety of dedicated solutions.

Count on Cardinal to:

  • Provide an experienced team of transportation management experts to manage your dedicated fleet
  • Implement proprietary technology to optimize routing, scheduling and real-time visibility of order status and exceptions throughout your network
  • Alleviate insurance and regulatory responsibility by managing your liability and compliance
  • Recruit, train and retain the industry’s best drivers to ensure the highest level of service
  • Improve your business by allowing you to direct capital investments from transportation assets to focus instead on growing your business
  • Improve product cycle times
  • Optimize trailer capacity with backhaul support, enhanced loading and routing technology
  • Provide flexibility for spikes in demand

From bulky building products to just-in-time manufacturing support to small office supplies, Cardinal’s dedicated services can be customized to meet the needs of any business. Whatever your distribution challenge – Cardinal can help.