Temperature Controlled Services

Are you looking to avoid the cost, aggravation and exposure of product losses due to improper temperature control between locations?
Would adherence to a defined temperature management strategy enhance your customers’ experience and product shelf life?

Cardinal’s customized approach to temperature management will assure the highest level of compliance and contingency planning. Real-time monitoring and control of reefer temperatures facilitate adherence to prescribed temperature ranges, and provide historical recordings of any deviations. Cardinal’s proprietary handheld technology can be customized for the unique delivery requirements of each of your customers, providing real-time signature capture, a final temperature scan and exception reporting.

Cardinal’s Temperature Controlled Services begin with a thorough assessment of a client’s product preservation and service requirements, including:

  • Clearly defining acceptable temperature ranges and expectations
  • Assessment of all handling, transportation and delivery activities that might influence temperature variation
  • Equipment specification and selection that balances service, cost and maintenance of temperature ranges
  • Application of temperature monitoring technology to uphold standards and enable immediate response to fluctuations
  • A defined Cold Chain process and formalized validation strategy
  • Establishing a “temperature performance index” that enables management (based upon seasonality) to adjust driver behavior and delivery methods without deviating from customer critical specifications

Cardinal transports more than 1 billion pounds of temperature-sensitive product each year.