Technology Solutions

Cardinal utilizes leading-edge technology combined with proven processes and experienced logistics experts to support its customers’ transportation requirements. Cardinal differentiates itself by working with each customer to develop and integrate customized technology solutions that meet their needs.


Cardinal’s applications are flexible, scalable and highly adaptable, each designed with direct input from operations personnel and drivers. This approach continues to provide Cardinal a distinct advantage over other solutions and providers.


From simple routing and scheduling to electronic signature capture, real-time visibility and chain of custody controls, Cardinal has the tools to optimize your supply chain, and maximize its efficiency and effectiveness.


Whether you are looking for a full transportation solution or simply looking for better technology to manage your private fleet, Cardinal has the answer!


“Cardinal offers us a range of scanning and technology upgrades we never had before, and presents us with a consistent and predictable cost model for each month.”

– Director of Corporate Logistics

Cardinal’s technology applications support the following activities:

  • Order Entry
  • Appointment Scheduling
  • Order Selection for Routing
  • Order Search
  • Itemized Order View
  • EDI
  • Business rules and scheduled processes
  • Receiving/Put Away
  • Inventory Allocation
  • Pick/Pack/Load
  • Returns Management
  • Cycle Counts
  • SKU Search
  • Inventory Level Management
  • Location Search and Transfer
  • Warehouse Site Selection
  • EDI
  • Scheduled Delivery Date and Time
  • Delivery Contact and Address Verification
  • Itemized Route View
  • EDI
  • Route Optimization
  • Equipment and Driver Assignment
  • Dispatch Management
  • Real Time Route Monitor
  • Real Time Digital Signature Capture
  • Real Time Exception Reporting
  • Alert Management
  • Driver Handheld
  • Voice Response
  • Customer Pre-Delivery Notification
  • Visual Proof of Delivery
  • Advance Notice of Delayed Deliveries
  • Customer Delivery Status Lookup
  • Map of Location and Progress
  • Custom Reports